We founded our Law Firm in 2010 and we have successfully providing legal assistance to our clients ever since in conformity with the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the acts of the Croatian Bar Association.

In the attempt to provide our clients with expert legal assistance in their business transactions, we collaborate with many notarial offices, licenced auditors, court interpreters, tax advisors, consulting companies and renowned foreign law firms.

Our primary specialisation includes commercial law, debt collection, labour and contractual law, copyright law, acquisition and consolidation of companies, lad-registry law, compensation of damages and competition law, as well as other fields of law related to the business transactions of the companies.

Our team consists of expert and highly educated professionals who dynamically and creatively provide various professional and timely services and comprehensive legal assistance to all clients taking into account their individual legal needs. Such level of commitment is our top priority, and because of that we have achieved excellent results and built business relationships with our clients.

During our business operation so far, our attorneys-at-law have provided legal services in many legal matters and projects for leading companies in Croatia, namely: debt collection in enforcement proceedings for leading credit card companies in the Republic of Croatia, representation in court and arbitration proceedings (labour disputes, compensation of damages, debt collections, commercial disputes, commercial arbitration, disputes regarding the title of real properties, protection of competition, disputes for for the protection of intellectual property, etc.), legal representation and collaboration in due diligence procedures for the mergers in the production sector, legal representation in due diligence procedures for the mergers in the electronic media sector, review of documentation during acquisition and sale of companies, counselling and drawing up of documents in the procedures of consolidation, merger, division, restructuring of companies and other procedures regarding status changes of the companies, PPP projects, projects of technical assistance within the European programmes, EU counselling and other types of legal services.

Company law

• preparation and drawing up of documentation for the establishment of a company and status changes of companies
• establishment of subsidiaries, branches, mergers, consolidations and divisions of companies
• increase/decrease of equity
• counselling in relation to proprietary/managerial rights in a company
• acquisition of business shares in company
• restructuring of companies
• counselling in relation to the liquidation of companies
• joint-stock company acquisition
• securities market law
• representation in disputes under the competence of commercial courts

Acquisition & Consolidation

• Legal due diligence of companies
• Review of documentation in acquisition, consolidation and privatisation proceedings
• Preparation of declaration of interest, letters of intent, NDA contracts
• Participation in negotiations
• Preparation of required documentation in conformity with the legal provisions

Legal counselling

• counselling and provision of opinion on the parties` rights and the legal regulations
• representation in negotiations and mediation/conciliation proceedings
• preparation of legal opinions
• assistance in the realisation of investment projects

Contracts, Joint ventures (JV)

• counselling in the process of concluding legal transactions
• drawing up of contracts
• contract analysis
• participation/representation in negations for the conclusion of legal transactions
• contract on joint ventures
• collaboration contracts
• tax counselling
• provision of complete legal support to entrepreneurs/investors in their business transactions and realisation of their investments

Debt collection

• counselling in the process of insurance and debt collection
• examining the creditworthiness of the opposite party
• drawing up of insurance payment instruments
• representation in enforcement and litigation proceedings for debt collection

Intellectual property law and copyright law

  • counselling
  • drawing up of copyright legal contracts
  • representation in copyright disputes
  • preparation and drawing up of documentation required for the registration of trademark/patent
  • representation in intellectual property disputes

Employment law

• counselling provided to employers/employees on the rights and obligations from their employment relationship
• drawing up of employment contracts and managerial contracts
• preparation of general enactments and decisions in the field of employment law
• representation in labour disputes
• work-related injuries

Bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy law

• counselling regarding the institution of bankruptcy proceedings
• registration of claims in the bankruptcy mass
• participation in the work of the board of creditors
• representation in bankruptcy proceedings
• representation in disputes arising from bankruptcy proceedings

Compensation of damages

• counselling in the process of insurance and collection of claims
• preparation and drawing up of damages claim
• representation in court proceedings
• medical law – proceedings related to malpractice

Land-registry law and property law

  • representation in proceedings related to the surveying of apportioning of condominium units and land-registry registration
  • representation in proceedings related to rental, lease, protected tenancy status, acquisition of ownership right, cancellation of right, moving out and/or other pertaining rights
  • legal counselling and drawing up of relevant contracts
  • representation in proceedings before land-registry departments, cadastre and other competent authorities
  • property inquiries, status inquiries in the cadastre and land registries
  • preparation of sale and purchase contract/contract on the property encumbrance and related counselling
  • counselling and representation in the process of registering substantive rights in the land registries
  • counselling, preparation and analysis of construction contracts
  • representation in property disputes/property right disputes

Administrative proceedings and Public procurement

• representation of participants before competent authorities in public procurement proceedings
• representation in proceedings regarding property restitution
• representation before tax authorities
• representation in proceedings regarding the protection of competition
• representation in the process of procuring location and building permits
• preparation of administrative claims and representation in administrative disputes

Public private partnership

• counselling provided to employers/employees on the rights and obligations from their employment relationship
• drawing up of employment contracts and managerial contracts

Protection of competition and Energy industry

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution